Our Staff


Yossi Zablocki has created the largest kosher travel/tourism operation in the world. What started as single minded determination to keep the last Catskills kosher resort alive when he took over operations at  Kutsher’s Country Club has expanded into the Destinations Hospitality Group, a mini empire of kosher travel. 

Yossi has been running a sold out Pesach program at Honor’s Haven in the Catskills for the past six years, as well as operating during all the Chagim and throughout the summer, providing kosher hospitality to the tri-state area. 

Four years ago, Destinations expanded to begin providing kosher cruises at affordable rates without sacrificing the fresh food quality of other competitors. To Yossi’s and the Jewish community’s delight, these cruises have proven a success and Destinations is now the largest kosher cruise operator in the world, running 12 kosher cruises this year alone. 

In addition, Destinations will be organizing 4 land tours to exotic locations like Morocco, Costa Rica, Japan and the Canadian Rockies. Most recently, Yossi purchased the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa and is in the process of adding a Fun Park and a luxury spa expansion (with Mikveh) on its premises, creating a kosher experience for families that the Jewish community has never seen before!


Ora Kornbluth brings to us 16 years of Pesach programming experience, having worked as the programming director for Afikoman Tours and Passover Paradise in various hotels, such as the Ritz Carlton, San Juan, Westin Aruba, Rancho Mirage as well as numerous other hotels. Ora has over two decades of experience working in managerial capacity in Jewish day schools. Currently , she is the Executive Director at Yeshivat He’Atid in Teaneck NJ. She handles all day to day operations of the school such as financial management, facility maintenance and event planning as well as a plethora of other responsibilities.

Prior to working at He’Atid, she worked as the Director of Student Activities at Bat Torah Flatow Yeshiva High School. Lastly , Ora was responsible for staff and camper programming at Camp Regesh during her 16 year tenure there. A sports lover at heart, Ora is an Official Statistician for CBS Sports and is part of the game day support staff for the National Football League. She is former acting Mayor and currently serves as councilwomen representing the Borough of Bergenfield

Head Mashgiach

Rabbi Raphael Solomon has been involved in the Kosher Food industry since the early 80’s.

Having worked for all of the major Hashgachos, Rabbi Solomon brings with him a wealth of experience.

He has worked in major hotels, cruises and caterers in the US, Mexico and Europe and and has nearly 40 years experience in Kashrus.

He brings with him with his team of full time dedicated Mashgichim. Together they will ensure the very highest standards of Kashrus.

Please feel free to reach out to him if you have any Kashrus questions or concerns.

Camp Director

Mrs Robin Bin Nun is a Morah in The Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey, for the past 16 years. She is loved and respected for her kind and cheerful manner and her professionalism She single handedly created and ran the After school clubs program at RYNJ as well as overseeing all programs for over 250 kids. In the summer she is the Director of Operations at Camp Shoshanim in Lakewood PA. She ensures that the camp runs smoothly & efficiently and supervises over 400 campers and staff members. Robin also has much experience in the Pesach camp field and creates engaging and exciting programming for children of all ages! We look forward to have Robin and her dedicated team as part of our Pesach Program

Stay tuned for further information of the rabbis and guest lecturers.