Speakers & Lecturers

Scholar In Residence

Rabbi Daniel Mechanic

Rabbi Daniel Mechanic, founder and director of Project Chazon, is a sensational, dynamic and sought-after speaker for adults and teens alike.

His emotionally powerful and inspiring sessions address the issue of winning our hearts and minds to the truth and beauty of Yiddishkeit. His cutting-edge presentations about family life, parenting, education, and contemporary issues have challenged and inspired thousands of people.

He has been a guest lecturer at many major conventions and dinners throughout North America and has served as a scholar-in-residence at Shuls and numerous Yom Tov programs throughout the country. Additionally, Rabbi Mechanic is a world-renowned lecturer and is recognized throughout the Orthodox Jewish world as an authority on the “at-risk” teen phenomenon.

After 12 years of study at various Talmudic institutions, including Torah Vodaas in Brooklyn, Rabbi Mechanic began working for Rabbi Noach Weinberg. Trained by Aish HaTorah, he spent the next 15 years working as the Director of Discovery, where he presented hundreds of seminars and inspired thousands.

In 1996, Rabbi Mechanic opened Project Chazon. Through Project Chazon, he began to present comprehensive seminars to teenagers and their teachers throughout the United States, Canada, and England. His fascinating classes and seminars are presented in over 410 schools, with the endorsement of leading Rabbis and Principals worldwide. His informative and unique programs have strengthened and inspired over 330,000 students.

Rabbi Mechanic also provides individual counseling and mentoring to hundreds of young men and woman. Rabbi Mechanic resides in Brooklyn with his wife and children.

Rabbi Jonathan S Milgram

Educator, Author and Lecturer
With twenty years of experience teaching higher education, Jonathan S. Milgram (PhD, Bar Ilan; Rabbi, YU), is a sought after and engaging public speaker who has worked at numerous Passover and holiday venues, including Kutsher’s, Honor’s Haven and the Grand Hotel Michelacci (Gabbice Mare, Italy). He has taught at universities in the United States and abroad, including the University of London, London School of Jewish Studies and Hunter College. Jonathan specializes in Talmud and medieval Jewish law. He is the author of the book, From Mesopotamia to the Mishnah: Tannaitic Inheritance Law in its Legal and Social Contexts and numerous articles and reviews in scholarly and popular journals. He previously was coordinator for the Lieberman Institute of Talmudic Research, a think tank dedicated to computerizing the earliest versions of the Talmud. He is also the former interim rabbi of the Marble Arch Synagogue (London, UK) and former Assistant Rabbi of Manhattan’s Park East Synagogue

Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Schiffman

Is an Assistant Professor of Jewish Education at YU’s Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and an adjunct professor at YU’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work.  He graduated Yeshiva University with a BA in psychology, an MS in Jewish Education from Azrieli and Rabbinic Ordination from RIETS, before attending St. John’s University for his doctorate in psychology. Rabbi Dr. Schiffman has been on the rabbinic staff of Kingsway Jewish Center in Brooklyn, NY for close to a decade.  He maintains a private practice where he utilizes Cognitive Behavior Therapy to help clients manage their thoughts, emotions and behaviors to be more aligned with their life goals.  His weekly Dvar Torah, which combines ideas from the Parsha with concepts from the field of Psychology, is published  in the Jewish Press and on his website www.PsychedForTorah.com.